Decentralized Global Trade Network

Procurean is an open network where businesses worldwide can buy and sell with the security of blockchain technology while sharing data, information, and infrastructure.

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About Procurean?

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Businesses today are often forced into exploitative geographic monopolies, due to their financial and infrastructural limits imposed on them on behalf of their size. Procurean will create a blockchain-driven procurement network for businesses to securely buy and sell with trusted partners worldwide, while sharing technology and transactional costs in a way that will enable businesses of all sizes to equally trade, compete and share information.

Our mission


Ensure businesses trade with trust

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Vetting and investigating potential business partners comes with significant costs and exposes all parties to numerous risks.

Procurean will enable businesses to judge potential partners based on past-experience from each previous transaction on the network while ensuring data is distributed along the network with blockchain hardened storage.


Provide powerful insights and technology

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Businesses face significant trade barriers and are often locked into poor relationships due to the lack of information, experience, and technology.

Procurean will help empower business by dramatically reducing transaction costs and risk associated with international trade and provide technological infrastructure to drive new value to their processes.


Establish a global interconnected market

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Businesses lack an accessible single global market, where buyers and sellers converge and can always find each other to exchange goods and services.

Procurean connects businesses around the world in a way that ensures buyers can always find new sellers, and sellers can discover new buyers no matter their capabilities or location.

Self-regulating trust mechanism

Trust rank is the most important deciding factor and leverage that businesses have to ensure trustful and fair behavior on the network.

Financial component

Retrieved from smart data sources, and data gathered by credit rating agencies, it reflects a businesses' liquidity, solvency, operating efficiency, and profitability.

Trust rank

Multi-dimensional (financial and reputational) evaluation resulting connected to every transaction and participant on the network.

Reputational component

Collected from evaluations of participants done on the network through the use of smart instruments in various buyer-seller interactions.

Network-wide implementation of blockchain infrastructure

Procurean network provides technological infrastructure and Procurean dApp provides easy access to all functionalities of the Procurean network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

ERP integration
Large enterprises can use their existing, in-place ERP systems to integrate with the Procurean network and access the blockchain-driven infrastructure through the provided API and dedicated Procurean adapters.
Procurean network
Procurean network provides implementation for blockchain-driven instruments. Every distributed application and existing ERP uses the integration API to access the network.
Procurean dApp Alpha-1 in July
SMEs can use the cloud-based Procurean dApp to access all functionalities of the Procurean network and use tools backed with machine learning algorithms to help streamline and automate procurement processes.

How it works?

Procurean streamlines and digitalizes procurement while ensuring safe and transparent transactions by using pre-built smart contracts on the Procurean network.

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Procurean ensures a converging IT environment where forecasting, internal demand identification, approving and actual procurement is digitalized and standardized.



Demand fulfillment is done through inquiries, where buyers specify items, delivery and payment details, then choose the smart instrument that best fits their procurement needs.



Sellers and buyers are connected with network-wide discovery that matches partners by comparing the inquired items with the network item catalog and individual seller capacities.



Matched participants are invited to bid in an auction administered by a smart-contract, with complete transparency and trust in the decision-making mechanisms.



After an auction has ended and the winning bidder is chosen, Procurean provides required documentation and ensures document exchange between transacting parties.



The process is concluded when inquired goods are delivered and paid for. Participants exchange an evaluation post delivery and payment, which is added to their cumulative trust rank in the network.

Secure by design and reinforced with blockchain technology

Procurean network is built on top of a decentralized network of nodes that use blockchain to provide support for decentralized process execution and data immutability.

Smart instruments

Dedicated pre-built smart contracts that control individual business transactions to ensure complete transparency and trust.

Decentralized network

A decentralized off-chain network is used to ensure a functioning real-world environment and transaction processing.

Public blockchain

Public blockchain is used to ensure data immutability and transparent history of every transaction and evaluation.

PAN token

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PAN is used to place bids in the smart instruments scenarios driven by smart contracts.


PAN is used by business to protect their trust rank when they feel they’ve been given a wrongful evaluation.


PAN is used to lock tokens in a smart contract to provide escrow and further enhance confidence in business transactions.


PAN is used to request guarantees from other, more established partners on the network


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Sergej Murgelj


With a master’s degree in finance and more than 20 years’ experience in finance, controlling, purchasing, business process, and IT improvement, Sergej has successfully completed projects such as Eurotek, Paloma, Mariborska livarna Maribor, Adria airways tehnika, ETOL, and SCT.

dr. Tomaž Domajnko


With a PhD in computer science and informatics and a background in enterprise IT, international expansion and product development, Tomaž has more than 15 years’ experience in building and deploying IT solutions. Prior to Procurean, he held executive positions at SRC, Infonet, and VenetiCOM.

Žiga Vajdič


Performance-oriented with an academic background in corporate finance, Žiga has more than 6 years’ experience as a product manager, developer and business consultant in agencies, start-ups and other organisations. An activist and philosopher at heart, he is always trying to paint the world in nicer colors.

Miha Slemenšek


After working as head of IT and purchasing at Omco Feniks, Miha gained more than 16 years’ experience with development and installation of information systems and co-founded Gepom, an e-procurement platform.

Andraž Trošt

Head of DevOps

With more than 10 years as a senior backend developer, building highly available and scalable systems, Andraž is a natural problem-solver who spends his spare time sharpening his mind by playing complex strategic games.

Matjaž Pfefferer

Head of Partner Integration

Matjaž’s degree in machine engineering coupled with 18 years’ extensive ground-floor-up experience in information technology have given him a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

Dušan Boldin

Head of Marketing

Dušan is a recognized marketing strategist with a proven track record in product and business development. He is also a member of a digital awards jury and a conference speaker.

Matic Vrščaj

Software Engineer

Matic—a software developer from the age of 6—is a blockchain enthusiast and gaming guru, passionate about technology, the piano, sports, artificial intelligence, teaching and the general pursuit of happiness.

Črt Gojznik

Digital Marketing

Črt has a proven track record of digital advertising, in both agency and start-up environments. Črt specialises in getting the right messages and products to the right audiences.

Nina Novak

Community Manager

Currently finishing her master’s degree in accounting and auditing, Nina is passionate about numbers, languages, and exploring foreign cultures. Try her language skills in our Telegram channel.

Gašper Štern

UX/UI Designer

With a master’s degree in architecture and more than 5 years in graphics and user-experience design, Gašper worked on numerous award-winning projects with one of the biggest advertising agencies in Slovenia.

dr. Valentin Gjorgjioski

Machine Learning & Blockchain

With a PhD in Computer Science and Informatics and more than 10 years' experience in developing cutting-edge products, Valentin is an experienced entrepreneur who has co-founded several successful companies. Highly skilled in algorithms, math, creative and analytical thinking, he has worked as a leading developer in many technically challenging projects.

dr. Vlado Dimovski

Economics & Management

With a PhD in Management and Finance, 80+ published scientific articles, Vlado is currently a full professor at the University of Ljubljana and specializes in organizational learning, knowledge management and modern management theory and leadership. Vlado is an advisor to the Prime Minister of Macedonia, former Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs in Slovenia, and is also the Head of economic and business department of IFIMES, as well as a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Andrej Božič

Business Strategy

Andrej’s career is marked with stellar international examples of sustainable business restructurings & redevelopments. Among them Paper company Goričane, group Iskra ERO and Mondi Raubling GmbH, ABB, Droga and most recently glass company Hrastnik 1860 which was awarded with European Business Award (2016). His leadership approach was recognized with the Award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for exemplary business and entrepreneurial achievements.

Brigham Ricks

Legal & ICO

A senior executive and strategic legal advisor with 15 years experience providing legal services in international environments. Brig currently works with the legal consultancy IUURI with a focus on advising blockchain technology companies. Brigham and IUURI team have recently advised multiple successful ICO projects such as IRYO Network and OriginTrail.



Gepom, an e-procurement platform was founded and bootstrapped by Procurean's team. Gepom helps buyers and sellers achieve cost-savings by automating purchases of non-strategic and low sourcing priority items.


The idea for the Procurean network is validated among Slovenia's leading enterprises and business managers and development begins after Procurean receives a capital investment from angel investors.

Q3 2018
ICO & Alpha

Procurean is ready for its alpha release and first users (businesses) are migrated from Gepom to test the network. Official crowd sale for Procurean tokens begin.

Q4 2018
Beta & Scaling

A full-featured network is ready for its beta release, and Procurean starts its business operations in the CEE region to address common issues of SMEs. Work on Procurean adapters begins to provide ERP integrations.

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