PAN token

PAN is designed as a utility token that empowers business worldwide and ensures trust to all participants while enabling the network to grow and expand in a stable micro-economy.

  • Name
  • Type
  • Public blockchain
  • Value
    ~ 0.22 USD
  • Soft cap
    6.000.000 USD
  • Hard cap
    21.000.000 USD



Businesses use PAN tokens to place bids on inquiries in various scenarios enabled by smart instruments.

  • Sellers give tokens to place bids in the blind reverse auction.
  • Sellers give tokens to place bids in the multistep auction.
  • Buyers give tokens to place a joining bid in a group purchase.
  • Buyers give tokens to gain non-binding bids from the sellers in the market inquiry.


PAN is used by businesses to protect their trust rank when they feel they’ve been given a wrongful evaluation.

  • Buyers and sellers give tokens to fuel the dispute resolution process.


PAN is used to request guarantees from other, more established partners on the network.

  • Buyers and sellers give tokens to request a guarantee from another business.


PAN is used to lock tokens in a smart contract to provide escrow and further enhance confidence in business transactions.

  • Buyers give tokens to provide escrow and attract more sellers to bid.


  • Airdrop 3%
  • Advisors 3%
  • Network growth 5%
  • Network growth tokens are reserved for early users (businesses) of the Procurean network.
  • Private sale 5%
  • Team 14%
  • Team tokens are vested in 3 years.
  • Crowd sale and pre-sale 70%
  • Total supply150,000,000 PAN

Airdrop [Phase 3]

Among all distributed tokens, 3% is dedicated to our community growth program. Join other PAN holders around the world and receive free of charge tokens by registering for Airdrop.

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